♥ A grandmother who inspires to declutter and her new gift ♥

"Grandmother – a wonderful mother with lots of practice." ~ Author unknown

We are very grateful for this new set of clothes for baby Ren – a gift from his grandmother 婆婆 for the Lunar New Year of 2014.

In Singapore, Lunar New Year, mostly celebrated by Chinese, is one of significant traditional holidays, with two days of public holidays. The celebration includes the first 15 days of the year, when family members and friends visit others.

Before the first day of Lunar New Year, it is a good idea to follow a tradition of spring cleaning the house. The traditonal belief is spring cleaning sweeps away unpleasant things and makes ways for good incoming luck. This is similar to the concept of decluttering. When we clean our physical space, we also consciously or subconsciously clean our mental space, to welcome new ideas and hopes. Decluttering can provide us with a beautiful world of new freedom and fresh breath.

When you do spring cleaning or decluttering, don’t worry about your decision. A helpful tips (at least for me) is to ask myself a simple question:
"Will I (we) use / enjoy this item in a year time?"
If not, you can either donate (give away), recycle, or discard it.

For sentimental items, for example gifts from someone who loves you or whom you love, you can take a photograph of them. That’s why I have taken this photo before baby Ren wears it for the first time. In the near future, he will outgrow this new set of clothes and it will be time to give away to others.

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