Simple and easy pasta with creamy yogurt sauce by ServicefromHeart

This recipe is cream-free but creamy enough thanks to the yogurt.

Try different types of pasta for fun! Besides the common spaghetti, linguine and macaroni, how is about pasta in interesting shapes and sizes? Kids will surely like them.

Two things serve as inspirations for this recipe:
♥ Looking at a container of yogurt in our refrigerator this morning, has encouraged me to think of a new meal for our family. It is always good to finish our food before their expiry dates.
♥ I really love Guesteau’s motto, “Anyone can cook“, from the Disney movie Ratatouille. It is very encouraging to you and me! The movie is about Remy who is dying to become a chef and features heart-warming delicious treats to our eyes.

Servings: 2
Preparation & Cook time: 15 minutes

♥ ~150g dried pasta
♥ 1 tbsp olive oil
♥ 1 cup plain / Greek yogurt
♥ 6 cloves minced garlic
♥ 1 tsp anchovies (preferred) / pinch of salt
♥ 1/2 onion / red onion (optional)
♥ 1 tsp dried shrimps (optional)
♥ 1 tbsp herbs, chopped (optional)
♥ pinch of pepper to taste

1. Boil water in a pot to cook pasta.
2. Meanwhile, wash and mince garlic, onion, dried shrimps.
3. Heat olive oil on a frying pan.
4. Sautee minced garlic, onion, dried shrimps, anchovies.
5. Over medium heat, add pasta, yogurt, herbs, pepper. Mix well.

♥ Try whole wheat pasta that contains minerals such as magnesium, iron, calcium, potassium, zinc, selenium and manganese.
♥ You can substitute olive oil with butter for creamier texture.
♥ Instead of weighing ~70g of dried pasta per person, I use my palm to wrap around a bunch of long pasta as a quick measurement.

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