Look into the eyes of our little ones

To make babies feel secure we can give him lots of eye contact. This simple yet meaningful action can help babies have a positive outlook on life.

The face of parents, grandparents, and everyone who love the baby, is the most important thing the baby sees. He depends and thrives on engaging our interests.

3 simple tips to improve the quantity of eye contact:

♥ Carry baby in a sling (a selendang in Indonesian). This physical closeness is great for hands-free multitasking.

♥ Give baby a massage. Baby loves feeling the warmth of our touch. He will fall asleep easily after drinking milk and have a sweet dream.

Talk / Tell stories / Sing to baby when we are feeding him. Stories connect mind and heart. A course mate of mine from a Novoed course on Storytelling for Change, Sarita shares her mother telling her the story of how giraffe got its brown spots on its yellow fur, including its slender long neck. The spots came from the hands of angels who accidentally massaged giraffe after eating chocolate cookies. What a sweet story!

With love,

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