Postcards from St George’s Church, Tanglin, Singapore (圣乔治教堂,新加坡)

Discovering St George’s Church – while walking to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – was a pleasure to me. The Romanesque red bricks captured my attention and I made a mental note to visit this simply beautiful church.

很高兴发现圣乔治教堂。 它的罗马式红砖捕获了我的注意,我在心里记下访问这个简单美丽的教堂。

圣乔治教堂外,三角梅 (九重葛花) 点缀 宁静的环境。

Numerous strollers parked outside the church made me wondered if there was a service going on for babies and toddlers. Perhaps mothers’ pray-together session.

许多婴儿车 停在教堂外。

The church was quiet and empty. It offers peaceful moments for a visitor like me.

这座教堂很安静。可能为了像我这样的游客, 提供宁静的时刻。
Walking down the open arched windows of the east side aisle, a middle age man politely inquired me, “are you here for the Japanese fellowship?”


“No, I happened to pass by here. Just visiting,” I replied with a smile.


Built for the British troops quartered at Tanglin Barracks, St George’s was constructed between 1910 and 1913 from materials imported from England.


St George’s church was gazetted as a monument on 10 November 1978.


The timber roof trusses of St. George’s Church are so England to me.


Without air-conditioning, the high ceiling offers huge space to breathe, especially in humid Singapore.


Beneath the pews, the soft knee-protecting pillows, each uniquely decorated, brought our imaginations to years and decades of prayers said while kneeling on them.



“Illumine the darkness of my intellect with a ray of Thy heavenly light and inflame my heart with the fire of Thy divine love.”

Beautiful white wooden windows adorning the red brick wall of this barn-shaped church. The beauty of simplicity.


Curious about the books and publications. In St George’s newsletter (March/April 2014 issue 20), Sam Blakey introduces a book Raising Children in a Digital Age by Bex Lewis. I added the book into my to-read list simply because I want to focus on making the internet a positive experience for our children.

At the back of the church, I saw many children playing inside glass-covered hall. The voices of two tall women conversing in British English sounded very familiar during a period of my life. Happy Filipino maids were chatting at a corner.




The visit reminded me on England, the people and beautiful churches there. In particular, OLEM with its adjacent kindergarten. Little children in red sweater playing and running around are beautiful memories imprinted on my mind.

这次参观使我想起英格兰,那里的人们和美丽的教堂。特别是,OLEM与其相邻的幼儿园。穿着红色的毛衣 的小孩子们正在跑来跑去。美丽的回忆印在我的脑海里。

Before I left, I waived “Bye” to the middle age man, who was sweeping the church floor.

在我离开之前,我向那中年男子挥手“再见” 。

Address: Saint George’s Church, 44 Minden Road, Singapore 248816
Fee: free

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