Bucket List

You are asked by a little girl full of curiosity, “Could you please tell me what bucket list is?”

“Do you have one?”

Since you are blessed with a life, you want to live your life to the fullest. You deeply desire to be kind to people (Yes, including yourself!), to care for your family, to be a reliable friend, colleague, team player.

Here, you will learn (more) about bucket list, the reason of creating your own, and how to do so. Check out also the list of bucket lists which are extraordinarily inspiring, and over 350 ideas for your bucket list.

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ServicefromHeart bucket list 350 ideas

What is bucket list?

A bucket list is a list where you include all the things you want to experience and do before you kick the bucket and leave this world.

Things that you want to experience include things that you want to see, listen to, touch, taste and feel in your body, mind and spirit.

Things you want to do include things you want to learn, receive, own, enjoy, give, create and contribute.

The term “bucket list” has been popularized since the movie The Bucket List made a debut in 2007. What is the movie about?

Two elder men of contrasting economic backgrounds became friends during their stays in a hospital after being diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. In UK between 2006-2008, only ~ a third of lung cancer patients survive to a year, making the survival of lung cancer is amongst the lowest of all cancers.

This is the story of two previously strangers brought together by the disease. The genius Carter who is a family man, a blue-collar mechanic, and a history lover, started to write a bucket list but soon discarded it upon learning that he has less than a year to live.

Fortunately, the discarded bucket list was discovered by the rich Cole, who is a curmudgeonly cultured loner and civet coffee lover. Cole added more things to do to the list, urged Carter to do everything on the list, and offered to finance the trip.

They jet-set their final months together as a pair of best buddies, doing exciting things (skydiving, riding on a motorbike on the Great Wall of China, sitting on the Great Egyptian Pyramids) and re-discovering life: love, beauty, and kindness.

If you have not watched the movie, please do so. I personally include The Bucket List in the Best Movies List (according to my perspective).

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ServicefromHeart bucket list 350 ideas gratitude

Why do you want to create your own bucket list?

  1. Having a bucket list allows you to live a purpose-driven life.
  2. You can use your bucket list to define your values and design your life.
  3. Whenever you are happy, simply ticking or adding a few things into your bucket list can make you feel grateful.
  4. Having a bucket list is like having a travel map to ensure that you stay true to your inner voice, when you are faced with tremendous distractions.
  5. When you are experiencing challenges and setbacks, simply gazing at your life list give you power.
  6. Your bucket list is a blueprint of milestones, goals and targets. Sometimes someone may motivate you, but it is always healthy to be able to independently self-motivate yourself and your endeavors.

♥ ♥ ♥

How to create your own bucket list?

“A bucket list should not be full of impulsive stuff that we pick up as we go along through life. It shouldn’t be like grabbing a chocolate bar off the display rack.” ~ Tatsuya Nakagawa, the author of Overcoming Inventoritis: The Silent Killer of Innovation

Gently interview yourself. Look deeply into your heart. Search inside yourself.

What is the meaning of life? What is the meaning of life to you?

Everyone has a unique meaning and perspectives of life, though many times we can find similarities.

It is true that when our meanings of life align – even if just partially, it is easier for people to make deep connections and engage in relationships, like Carter and Cole did.

Having similar yet unique meanings of life is just like how we share over 99.9% of DNA, but every human being is unique. Your mission is to discover and develop your own uniqueness, leave your voices and footprints.

The following questions can help you designing your bucket list:

  1. What are your biggest purposes and dreams?
  2. What do your childhood dreams really mean?
  3. What will you do if you have unlimited resources (time, money,relationships)?
  4. What would you like to say to and do for your loved ones?
  5. What are your talents?

    Your talent is God’s gift to you. What you do with it is your gift back to God.” ~ Leo Buscaglia

  6. Whom would you like to meet?
  7. What would you like to learn?
  8. Whom would you like to learn from most?
  9. What places that you want so much to visit?
  10. What have you always wanted to do but have not done yet?
  11. What legacies would you like to leave to the world?
  12. How can achieving your dreams and goals benefit others?
  13. How can you give more joy to others?
  14. If tomorrow is your last day of living, what would you deeply wish to do?
  15. If you were going to leave our planet earth a year from today, what would you do differently?
  16. If you had three years to create something that change your family, your community, or the world, how would you begin?
  17. If you were forbidden from accruing vast material wealth, how would you live your life differently?

Each of us is connected in this universe. Often, some things in your bucket list overlap with others’.

When you are young, you may not have the privileges of experience. Learning from the experience of others through direct interactions, books, blogs, podcasts, talks, videos, talks and conferences can widen your horizon and create more possibilities in your life.

You can read ten thousands of books, travel ten thousands of li, and realize ten thousands of dreams. No limit!

The only limitation is you yourself, if you do not free yourself to take the necessary actions.

Therefore, release yourself. Allow your deepest and most sincere heart tells you what your purposes are.

Clarity on your purposes enables you to focus and act on them.

Like a scientist who pursues his or her curiosity in solving a problem of a question, you stand on the shoulder of giant. You refer to people who have designed their inspiring bucket lists. Some things will resonate with you.

You can do anything, but not everything.

Therefore, you must add only things that are meaningful to you into your bucket list. It is always good to prioritize.

Your bucket list needs not be static. Like life, your bucket list is ideally dynamic.

After you have achieved some things, you can add new things into your bucket list. Sometimes, as you travel in your life journey, you may have some significant or subtle changes in your life’s values and attitudes. It is okay to eliminate some things from your bucket list.

Your bucket list can be for your own view only (private) or public. It is up to you, really!

Personally, I enjoy learning about the bucket lists of other people and derive joy from knowing that they dare to dream big and have worked hard to achieve their goals.

♥ ♥ ♥

Lists of bucket lists that I love (the list is growing …)

  1. 101 things to do before die of Alex Beauchamp (19740217-?), once-a-tomboy youthful children-charmer
  2. Carefully considered and exciting goals of Blake Boles (1983-?), a self-directed learning advocate and author of Better than College 
  3. The Boston startup bucket list
  4. Science-flavored bucket list by Amber Bullingham (1989-?)
  5. The Bucket List of Carter Chambers (Morgan Freeman) and Edward Cole (Jack Nicholson)
  6. 30 before 30 of Charity (1987-?), a professional wedding photographer who loves India & Italy.
  7. Celestine Chua (198406-?) who practices ignoring news in order to focus on her work
  8. Summer bucket list of Amy Dooley, a frugal stay at home Mom
  9. Life list of Marelisa Fabrega, a lawyer, an entrepreneur and a voracious reader
  10. Jing’s life list
  11. Bucket list of Ann McElhatton (1982-?), a beach chair scientist
  12. Life List of The Phoenix
  13. 30 before 30 of Ai Sakura (198405-?), a working Mom
  14. fun-loving Bucket list of Jennifer Wong Hok / Jenn Woong (1990-?)

♥ ♥ ♥

What to include in your bucket lists? 

You can include anything. Don’t worry if others laugh at you, thinking that you are a great day-dreamer or a nut, as long as you never allow your inner judge inside think any less of your goals.

Anything one man can imagine, other men can make real.” ~ Jules Verne, Around the World in Eighty Days

Some (overlapping) categories of things worth adding to your bucket lists:

  • agape love / charity
  • romantic love
  • family
  • relationship / people (including friends, colleagues, customers, bosses, heroes / heroines, the blessed, the less fortunate, everyone)
  • character
  • life
  • contribution / legacy
  • learning / talent / creative pursuits
  • skills
  • career / vocation
  • milestones / celebrations / festival / events
  • health & well-beings / sports
  • movies / music / books
  • hobbies
  • travel / adventure
  • nature / environment
  • spiritual wealth
  • income / material wealth / money
  • possessions / gadgets
  • fame
  • food

Examples please?

Over hundreds of things that people want to do in life …

    1. Love yourself
    2. Choose to be happy, frame your perspectives positively
    3. Keep a gratitude journal | Record at least a thing that you are grateful for today
    4. Know yourself (知己) | Figure out what deeply drives you
    5. Define your life values & philosophies
    6. Outline your belief system
    7. Set your ethical compass | Create your own 10 commandments
    8. Smile to at least 3 people daily
    9. Laugh more | Make others laugh
    10. Praise genuinely | Learn to accept compliment well
    11. Fall in love
    12. Decide to love, regardless of your emotional experiences
    13. Be loved
    14. Grow old with your loved one
    15. Go on a blind date, for singles
    16. Propose / renew your vows in a majestic place | a church / cathedral | the Eiffel Tower
    17. Be happily married
    18. Be married again (for widow / widower)
    19. Keep my virginity until marriage
    20. a dream wedding : by the beach | by the garden | in the church | underwater
    21. Renew wedding vows
    22. Forgive & forget past hurts, unhappiness
    23. Forgive yourself
    24. Forgive others
    25. Build meaningful relationships
    26. Heal broken relationships
    27. Acquire conflict resolution skills
    28. Stand up for yourself
    29. Tell your Dad and Mom “I love you”
    30. Treat your parents for special meals, once in a lifetime trip, or a simple pampering
    31. Be a loving father / a mother | a grandfather / a grandmother | a great grandfather / a great grandmother
    32. See your children grow up and become independent
    33. Kiss the tiny toes of your babies
    34. Kiss the most beautiful girl / the most handsome guy in the world
    35. A family vacation
    36. A family reunion with all my siblings
    37. Attend a school reunion
    38. Keep in touch with your school friends
    39. Meet your heroes & heroines : statesmen / stateswomen | sport stars | artists | Nobel Laureates
    40. Attend an inauguration of a president
    41. Make a positive difference to the world
    42. Make someone’s dream come true
    43. Help those in need
    44. Help those who cannot help you back
    45. Help a family in need
    46. Help a complete stranger for the good
    47. Don’t wait – but ask for help & support
    48. Learn at least a new thing well every year
    49. Learn how to balloon sculpt
    50. Read to little children
    51. Read at least a book a week
    52. Read n books yearly, n can be 20, 52, 100, up to you
    53. Read over 100 books of classic literature
    54. Read The Harvard Classics by spending 15 minutes a day for a year & you get the elements of a Harvard liberal education for free!
    55. Memorize the Periodic Table of Elements through a song
    56. Pull an all-nighter | Burn the midnight oil
    57. Complete an online course | over 40 MOOCs
    58. Pursue a further study
    59. Earn a college degree
    60. Attend an Ivy League | a top 10 / 20 / 50 / 100 university
    61. Enrol yourself in a free Ivy League course online
    62. Earn a master degree
    63. Earn an MBA
    64. Pursue a DIY MBA : yes you can do it yourself!
    65. Earn a PhD | serve as a professor
    66. Earn a MD | serve as a medical doctor / physician
    67. Earn a JD
    68. Run for an election
    69. Serve as a Justice of Peace to marry loving couples
    70. Pursue your passion in literature
    71. Write a love letter
    72. Write a heartfelt thank you letter
    73. Write more thank you notes
    74. Write a letter to the future | to your future generations | to the world
    75. Write an article for newspapers | magazines | scientific / research journals e.g. Nature | Science | Harvard Business Review
    76. Write a poem
    77. Write a book
    78. Write a novel of romance | science fiction
    79. Write a manifesto
    80. Write your obituary
    81. Blog
    82. Create an infographic
    83. Post a photo a day
    84. Write & send a postcard : from every foreign country you have been to | to a Santa
    85. Send a message in a bottle
    86. Write codes | Learn programming
    87. Create computer games
    88. Embrace ITs
    89. Practise a no-computer-screen, no mobile-phone period
    90. Pursue your passion in arts
    91. Learn oil painting | paint a self-portrait
    92. Photograph a self-portrait
    93. Win a photography contest
    94. Write a song
    95. Play a musical instrument : guitar, ukulele, drum, piano, violin
    96. Play in a band
    97. Sing with a band
    98. Learn to yodel
    99. Be a DJ / VJ for a night
    100. Dance : ballet | folk dancing | salsa | tango | ballroom dancing | belly dance | hip hop | Korean pop
    101. Busker on a city street
    102. Perform in front of an audience : sing, deliver a public talk
    103. Deliver a TED Talk
    104. Attend a concert / a play | @ Carnegie Hall
    105. Attend a Broadway musical | watch a musical in London
    106. Attend a Moulin Rouge show
    107. Sing at the top of your voice from the peak of a mountain
    108. Create a documentary of wildlife
    109. Watch a movie, n movies (n can be let say 100)
    110. Attend a movie premiere
    111. Attend an Academy Awards Ceremony | Cannes Film Festival
    112. Visit museums : The Smithsonians | Louvre | London Natural History Museum | American Natural History Museum | The Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao
    113. Pursue your passion in sciences
    114. Pursue your passion in sports / martial arts
    115. Learn wushu / karate / taekwondo
    116. Learn meditation | qigong | reiki
    117. Enjoy Now & Here
    118. Participate in a spiritual retreat (meditation / religious camp)
    119. Spiritually grow, regardless if you believe in a religion or are an atheist
    120. Pray daily
    121. Read the scriptures daily
    122. Win a contest
    123. Win a lucky draw | lottery
    124. Win a competition
    125. Win a Nobel Prize | Pulitzer Prize | Fields Prize
    126. Deconstruct failures & learn from them
    127. Pursue more than one career / profession / vocation to build a unique body of work
    128. Create a new field of profession e.g. mathemusic as Vi Hart (1987-?) has done by combining her music training and love for maths
    129. Do an apprenticeship with a master
    130. Master a craft e.g. carpentry | electricity | plumbing | culinary | baking | photography | videography | cinematography
    131. Be a chef | be a gourmet cook
    132. Publish a book of recipes
    133. Learn to sew
    134. Knit a scarf
    135. Be a fashion designer | Design your own fashion & wear them | be your own model
    136. Do internship | Intern @ a startup | Intern @ a Fortune 500 company
    137. Join a fast-moving business / innovation team
    138. Make a life-changing invention / innovation
    139. Discover a new species
    140. Ask for a raise / promotion
    141. Offer your products / services free
    142. Sell your products / services | hone your sales skills
    143. Do a job that you love | Love your job
    144. Work from home
    145. Start a business | be an entrepreneur
    146. Be your own boss
    147. Define your niche e.g. a chef of gluten-free meals
    148. Create jobs within a fun and supportive working environment
    149. Market yourself | build an online portfolio | tell your story in 1 minute (100 words), 5 minutes (600 words) | 10 minutes (1000-1250 words) | 1 hour (7000 words)
    150. Appear in the mass media : the front page of a newspaper | the cover of a fashion magazine | a guest show on the radio | TV show
    151. Set up multiple income streams
    152. Earn $n a year, a lifetime; n can be $1million, $1billion or more
    153. Be a millionaire
    154. Achieve financial freedom
    155. Invest in yourself | people | startups | stocks | commodities | properties | gold
    156. Save money $
    157. Prepare a will
    158. Be debt free
    159. Lend money through Kiva
    160. Retire
    161. Multiple mini retirements throughout life
    162. Own a perfect black suit | a property | a car | a SUV | a yacht | a Steinway piano
    163. Live frugally
    164. Embrace sustainable ways of living
    165. Recycle
    166. Donate to abused / orphaned children | an animal shelter | an environmental cause
    167. Donate $
    168. Donate 80% of your material wealth
    169. Donate blood
    170. Donate hair to Locks for Love
    171. Donate organs
    172. Establish a charity trust
    173. Pay it forward
    174. Give gifts anonymously
    175. Give surprise gifts
    176. Visit an elderly person
    177. Mentor / tutor / teach others
    178. Teach a course
    179. Lead a course / workshop
    180. Volunteer, do charity work | regularly
    181. Volunteer 1000 hours
    182. Be a boy / girl scout leader
    183. Be a Santa to a needy family
    184. Save someone’s life
    185. Deliver a newborn | help deliver a baby | see a birth
    186. Be a rescuer | learn first aid skills | Be a lifeguard
    187. Be a bodyguard
    188. Befriend a stranger
    189. Plan events
    190. Organize a party
    191. Organize a conference
    192. Organize a ball
    193. Live by the ocean
    194. Live in a barn | a caravan | a treehouse | a yurt
    195. Live in a big city
    196. Live in a small city e.g. college town
    197. Create a time capsule
    198. Be a time traveler
    199. Travel to the past through ancient poems
    200. Travel the world including the Grand Tour of Europe | American Dreams | exotic Asia & Africa
    201. Visit every continent
    202. Travel to n countries, n can be your age, 30, 40, 50, 100, or more!
    203. See the Seven Wonders of the World
    204. Pilgrimage
    205. Travel to the country of my predecessors
    206. Explore Antarctica
    207. Explore the Galapagos Islands
    208. Travel into the space
    209. Perform scientific studies at the outer space
    210. Be a scientist
    211. Be an astronaut
    212. Visit national parks : Yellowstone | Grand Canyon
    213. Visit Palm Jumeirah
    214. Experience magical Disneyland / Walt Disney Worlds
    215. Visit a theme park
    216. Ride a carousel
    217. Kiss on top of the Eiffel Tower
    218. Kiss in the rain passionately
    219. A road trip
    220. Backpack trip
    221. Be multilingual / Learn a new language
    222. Learn sign language
    223. be in your ideal weight
    224. Age gracefully
    225. Quit smoking
    226. Exercise daily
    227. Join a gym | Go to the gym regularly
    228. Practice gymnastics
    229. Meditate
    230. Practice yoga | pilate
    231. Stand on a hand
    232. Experience a body massage | a foot reflexology | a manicure | a pedicure
    233. Get a tattoo
    234. Do a marathon
    235. Do a triathlon
    236. Attend a Summer / Winter Olympics
    237. Join a cheer team
    238. Watch a football / soccer match in a stadium of your favorite team | at a World Cup
    239. Zorbing
    240. Witness a volcano eruption
    241. Go on safari
    242. See orang utan in Borneo
    243. Visit a farm | milk a cow | collect eggs
    244. Sandboarding
    245. Surf
    246. Scuba dive | appreciate beautiful tropical fish
    247. Snorkel
    248. See a coral reef
    249. Skydive like Amruta Deore did

ServicefromHeart bucket list 350 ideas skydiving sky dive

    1. Air walk / wing walk
    2. Edge walk at CN Tower Toronto, the tallest free standing building in the Western Hemisphere as of 2014
    3. BASE jumping | Cliff jumping
    4. Skiiing
    5. Heli skiing
    6. Snowboarding
    7. ice skate
    8. Snowshoeing
    9. Build a snowman
    10. Soak in a hot spring in Iceland | Japan
    11. Bath in a mud
    12. Bungee jump
    13. Zipline / flying fox
    14. Paraglide
    15. Fly in a hot air balloon | attend the hot air balloon races in Albuquerque
    16. Fly a kite as inspired from the movie The Kite Runner
    17. Fly an airplane | be a pilot
    18. Fly in a fighter jet
    19. Fly business class | Fly first class
    20. Attend an air show

ServicefromHeart bucket list 350 ideas ride a train Xian Shanghai

    1. Ride a train : Trans Siberia | Rocky Mountaineer Train | the Orient Express from Venice to London
    2. Ride a cable car in San Francisco
    3. Ride a horse / a pony
    4. Ride a camel
    5. Visit the pyramids in Egypt
    6. Ride an elephant
    7. Ride a husky sled
    8. Ride a helicopter
    9. Ride a Harley Davidson
    10. Learn to drive a car
    11. Drive a Formula 1 car
    12. Drive / Ride a luxurious car : Ferrari / Porsche / Lamborghini
    13. Ride in a limousine
    14. Ride in a bus | Sit at the front seat of a double decker
    15. Do white water rafting
    16. Row a boat
    17. Canoe
    18. Kayak
    19. Ride in a gondola in Venice
    20. Punting along the River Cambridge
    21. Swim in the ocean
    22. Swim in the winter | do a polar plunge at sub-temperature
    23. Swim with the dolphins
    24. Swim with the sharks at the Great Barrier Reef
    25. Watch whales
    26. Dive with sharks
    27. Ride roller coasters | ride every US major roller coasters
    28. Catch fireflies
    29. Camp in the forest / jungle
    30. Enjoy a picnic by the garden / seaside / mountain top
    31. Catch a rainbow near waterfall | shower in a waterfall
    32. Let Niagara Falls make you wet
    33. Glacier hiking in Alaska
    34. Hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in Peru
    35. Climb a mountain : Mt Everest | the Heavenly Stairs of the Mt Huashan Plank Trail
    36. Rock climbing
    37. Climb to the top of a lighthouse
    38. Climb to domes e.g. the dome of St Peter’s Basilica, St Paul’s Cathedral London
    39. Climb the Great Wall of China
    40. Appreciate simple / glorious sunrises & sunsets
    41. See Northern Light / Southern Light
    42. See a comet
    43. Stargaze. Remember the nursery lullaby Twinkle Twinkle Little Star?
    44. Sleep under the star
    45. Cherish spring | See and smell blooming flowers : cherry blossoms / sakura |  daffodils | lavenders | magnolia | sunflowers | tulips | wisteria

ServicefromHeart bucket list 350 ideas wisteria magnolia daffodil spring blossom

  1. Plant a tree
  2. Nurture your own garden | Grow & harvest an edible garden of vegetables / herbs
  3. Grow bonsai trees
  4. Grow a flower garden
  5. Grow your own vegetables
  6. Care for a pet
  7. Raise human beings : experience the joy of nurturing a baby, a toddler, a child, a teen, a young adult
  8. Brew your own beer
  9. Drink Guinness in a pub in Ireland
  10. Make your own wine
  11. Drink ice wine
  12. Learn wine tasting
  13. Drink less alcohol
  14. Abstain from alcohol
  15. Drink less caffeine
  16. Drink human breast milk
  17. Detox | go on a n-day juice fast (n can be 7, 10, 14, 21)
  18. Eat less meat
  19. Be a vegetarian
  20. Try different worldwide cuisines : Indonesian | Thai | Vietnamese | Chinese | Japanese | Korean | Indian | French | Italian | Spanish
  21. Appreciate diverse vegetables : Limnocharis flava genjer | Diplazium esculentum pakis
  22. Appreciate diverse fruits : durian | pink guava | strawberries | blueberries
  23. Appreciate seafood
  24. Eat caviar
  25. Eat escargot
  26. Eat gelato
  27. Sleep on the grass
  28. Sleep on the sandy beach
  29. Sleep in a hammock
  30. Sleep in a castle
  31. Sleep in an igloo
  32. Sleep more
  33. Sleep less
  34. Fall asleep in the arm of your loved one
  35. Wake up by 6am daily
  36. Celebrate New Years Eve in Times Square
  37. Celebrate Lunar New Year in China
  38. Celebrate a white Christmas
  39. Celebrate a birthday by traveling
  40. Celebrate a birthday by doing good to others : visit and help an orphanage | a hospice
  41. Celebrate a Valentine by enjoying home-cooked meals | home-baked cakes / desserts
  42. Join La Tomatina ~ the biggest food fight in the world
  43. Tell at least n number of people about your bucket list. n can be 1, 10, 100, 1000, 10000 … Spread your enthusiasm.
  44. Live meaningfully, happily, healthily until you are over a century | 120 years old | 150 years old

Review your bucket list regularly.

If you feel overwhelmed, perhaps you need to subtract and prioritize what your most important things (MITs) are.

May you be blessed with a kind heart, a healthy body, a sharp mind and never say die spirit!

May your life be always fun & fruitful!

With love
Summer 2014

Last updated 20140604


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